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Business Process Management (BPM)

Improving process throughout and Reducing Process Steps are the two biggest drivers for BPM, followed by Improving Accuracy & Repeatability. Challenge of bringing operational discipline is handled while deriving functional flow and data visualisation. Decision support mechanism enabled in the areas of decision making. Real Time Monitoring is possible. We adhere to the principles of constructing BPM in any industry, dealt with.

Standardise functional processes, suitable to address the challenges of operations, communication and customer relations management
Induct technology to automate repeated and time consuming processes with mobility and wide accessibility. Reduce manual dependency to overcome risk of loss and legal liability.
Improve efficiency of departments, utilisation of deployed manpower and machinery, supply chain management, project management and stop pilferages.
Decision has to be made with informative data, collected through functional flow will be available in right place at right time.
Periodical / stage wise analytics of information gathered by various departments are consolidated and presented in various views for organisational improvement.
From Directors’ Desk

Looking through a BPM prism

Business process challenges are numerous because, are yet to organize or more to organize. A “Top to Bottom Approach” to know the organization better, to fix procedures, to structure the processes and to monitor outcome on outlay.

Implement a BPM enabled Industry specific ERP software solution in an apt and quick way to overcome these challenges with real time visibility of your business in figure tip.

We analyzed and pinned down business process challenges of your industry and found solution through BPM. Let’s match, customize and implement it.

Gateway ERP

Control And Grow Your Business

Ensures Process flow management and Automation with standard operating procedure to attain right decision making, responsibility oriented culture within the organization.

  • Implementing with Care
  • Manage with Fun
  • Eco-Friendly Approach
  • Business Analysis Simplified

Business Process Flow

Comprehensive ERP solution to accommodate Industry specific functional processes for a higher management visibility Real time. We convert Problems to Challenges, Issues to New Possibilities, Difficulty to Research and Complexity to Implementation.

Management Control

Decision Support System, Online approval, Internal audit and Efficient floor management to know statistics and ageing of data populated. Know your business health and daily operational challenges at your fingertip.

Paperless Office

Nothing is as important as a greener planet. Digital approval and document management system decreases the paper usage and increases the efficiency of document storage & retrieval any given time.

High Return On Investment

Kaleidoscopic Reports, Bird's eye view gadgets and dashboards, Financial consolidation of branches and companies, vertical and horizontal integration reduces the cost of information management.


Why BPM Enabled In Gateway ERP ?

Major challenges experienced are….

  • Real time monitoring and control of operations
  • Easy retrieval of information / documents
  • Assessing job pendency in each department / division.
  • Right information to take the right decision in the right time
  • Ensures precise communication within and outside
  • Easy access from anywhere, anytime.
  • Reduces cost of information management
  • Optimum Return On Investment.

Corporate Digital Face

We have been witnessing a momentous transformation in the competitive paradigms of enterprises, mainly due to the digital revolution that has dragged many companies towards success. This ongoing cultural change affects consumer behaviour, corporate leadership styles and speed & accuracy of decision making, as many on the other side are moving towards a downward spiral. So today, Website is not just a sign-off but has become the 'Digital face' of any company and its products or services, with a change in the way of consumer / customer engagement. Hence there is a compelling need to provide a holistic brand experience to the consumer to meet your business goals.

We start with an audit on the current website and make it as a platform, bringing many features so as to provide the brand owner the actionable consumer insights in real time, be it an e-commerce platform or mobile. All this will be built-in provisions for social media and Digital marketing to pursue innovation promptly and responsively, especially in the digital sphere.

  • Website Audit
  • Web Design & E-Commerce
  • Social Media & Digital
  • Programmatic Advertising

Integrated Mobility Management

World’s 1st BPM enabled, Industry Specific ERP Solution.High reachability of Transactional & Managerial Information for efficiency improvements. WebApp & Mobile App extensively used with in the Business Process Flow for information mobility through:

  • Management Dashboards
  • Business Intelligent Monitoring System
  • Decision Support System
  • Lead Generation & Sales Activity Management
  • Managing the transactions like Delivery, Van-Sales, Collections, Hand Over and Hand Back of Assets....etc. with Digital Signature and Document/Photo uploading facility.
Gateway ERP

Industry Specific Solutions

With more than 15 years of experience in the ERP industry we know what it’s like to be at every stage of a growing business


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