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What is the importance of implementing GatewayERP

in Property Management Business

In the landscape of the property management industry, where precision, efficiency, and adaptability are the keystones of success, the implementation of ERP software takes on a role of paramount significance. As property management processes become increasingly intricate, demanding seamless coordination and optimization, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems offer a lifeline to an industry eager to embrace the future. With its ability to streamline complex property management operations, enhance resource allocation, and minimize operational bottlenecks, ERP software empowers property managers to navigate the ever-evolving landscape with confidence. In an industry where every property, every operation, and every decision impacts the entire real estate business, this technology transcends being a mere solution; it stands as a transformative force. The importance of ERP software in property management goes beyond software implementation; it serves as a catalyst for innovation, cultivating a future where precision meets productivity, and excellence is achieved in every facet of property management.

Elevating Efficiency with BPM in Property Management

Shaping a Future of Operational Excellence

Gateway ERP

Within the dynamic realm of property management, where time is a valuable asset and operational efficiency is of utmost importance, the innovative Business Process Management (BPM) system offered by GatewayERP emerges as the linchpin for propelling operations to unparalleled levels of efficiency. Whether it involves managing complex property management processes, overseeing intricate financial operations, or orchestrating the coordination of resources, BPM becomes an indispensable conductor of an efficiency symphony that resonates throughout the industry. At its core, BPM acts as a guiding force, simplifying intricate property management procedures, eliminating redundant steps, and instilling precision and repeatability into operations. Yet, the value of BPM transcends beyond mere streamlining; it serves as a vigilant custodian of operational discipline, a visionary guiding the course of functional workflows, and a master of data visualization. However, its most compelling attribute lies in its ability to supercharge decision-making by offering real-time insights that empower strategic choices. When the principles of BPM are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of property management, they become transformative tools that make the once-unattainable not only achievable but also remarkably efficient.

To Achieve Industry Goal

Sale Activity Management (CRM)

Hunt Prospects

Register a prospective client, Quality the prospect, Schedule meetings, follow up the meeting, communicate and record.

Generate Enquiry

Register an enquiry, monitor the proceddds till quote is prepared, negotiate and revise the quote if required, know the status at any moment

Follow up till awarded a project

Schedule meeting for finalisations, clarifications and follow up with records till it is sold or declined. Record the reason if decline.

Pre Sales


Registered Enquiries listed


Assign for survery and get it down to proceed to estimation

Assign Estimation

If estimation centre is bigger, assign to an estimator


Estimate with visibility of docs in enquiry/ survey / service report and use price management for speed & accuracy


Convert Estimation to quote, use appoval system for control

Quote Revision

Revise the quote if necessary in value / materials and track revision

Follow up

Follow up quote through sale activity management

Job Creation

Awarded quotes becomes a Job contract Which allots a job number


Use Approval function to make sure the accuracy as this document is the guideline for execution

Statistics & Analysis

Management dash board for analysis and monitor status to improve effeciency of presales activity

Functional BI

Every functional management like Sales activity management, presales management, service management and operational accounting are having Business Intelligent board to take action, manage and monitor in time. This give statistics, alerts and ageing of actional nodes and easily been controlled.

Project Management

Job created from presales


Budget preparation or Detailed cost as per cost codes & confirm BoQ

Plan / material sourcing

Plan and source material through procurement process

Mile stone schedule

Delivery, installation mile stones has to be fixed and followed up as per project

Service reports

Update of daily achievements & time spent through web app

Mile stone Certificate

Mile stone certificate shall be updated with digital signature from Client for billing and update

Project status

Real time project status of deliverable, mile stone as well as costing

Project Management


BoQ can be confirmed to control the materials or else cost wise control including the manpower cost. Sub cost centres can be created and budget allocation can be done.



Schedule the job including delivery of items as per the milestone fixed for the project. Assign the team

Service report

Service report and mile stone certificate through App in order to bill the project. It is real time and project related information will be online.


Material Management

As per BoQ, materials can be reserved, request to buy, procure through purchase order process. Material issue as per the floor requirement.

Time management

Service report is having procedure to key in time used in project with the service report daily basis including the percentage of completion

Project Status

Project status, material management status, procurement status, costing all are at Mobile friendly dash board