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The importance of implementing Gateway ERP
in Manufacturing Industry

In the landscape of the manufacturing industry, where precision, efficiency, and adaptability are the keystones of success, the implementation of Gateway ERP takes on a role of paramount significance. As manufacturing processes become increasingly intricate, demanding seamless coordination, and optimization, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like Gateway ERP offer a lifeline to an industry seeking to embrace the future. With its ability to streamline complex operations, minimize production bottlenecks, and enhance resource allocation, Gateway ERP empowers manufacturers to navigate the ever-evolving terrain with confidence. In a sector where every component, every operation, and every decision reverberates through the entire supply chain, this technology is not just a solution; it’s a transformative force. The importance of Gateway ERP in the manufacturing industry extends beyond the realm of mere software implementation; it’s a catalyst for innovation, fostering a future where precision meets productivity, and excellence is manufactured at every turn.

The Transformative Power of BPM in Manufacturing ERP
Forging a Future of Operational Excellence

Gateway ERP

Within the dynamic realm of manufacturing, where every second is a precious commodity and profit margins exist on a knife’s edge, the innovative Business Process Management (BPM) system offered by GatewayERP emerges as the keystone for propelling operations to unparalleled levels of efficiency. Whether it’s managing intricate trading transactions, overseeing the intricacies of financial operations, or orchestrating the dance of human resources, BPM becomes an indispensable conductor of an efficiency symphony that resonates throughout the industry. At its essence, BPM serves as a guiding force, simplifying convoluted processes, eliminating redundant steps, and instilling precision and repeatability into operations. Yet, the value of BPM transcends mere streamlining; it acts as a vigilant custodian of operational discipline, a visionary that plots the course of functional workflows, and a master of data visualization. However, its most compelling attribute lies in its capacity to supercharge decision-making by providing real-time insights that empower strategic choices. When the principles of BPM are intricately woven into the tapestry of manufacturing, they become the tools of transformation, rendering the unattainable not only feasible but also astoundingly efficient.

To Achieve Industry Goal

To Achieve Industry Goal

Product Data Management

Products to be inducted precisely to easily transact, analyse, track and monitor in real time

Identify a product

Product code, bar code, name, alternative name, multi language name for printing

Unit of Measurement

Multi unit of measurement with bar codes to sell in various buldles and packages


Type, Department, Brand, Category, Sub Category

Stock level

Real time stock level monitoring provides high availability of products

Procurement Procedure

Stock level BI to maintain stock


Procure vendor-wise

Procure process from Vendor wise product listing with details of stock & prices.


Purchase Order

Purchase order created from process, request or direct with price support.


Order Follow-up

Order followed up till it has been converted to GRN on delivery.


Goods Receipts

Acceptance of goods as receipt on PO or directly as per delivery.


Purchase Invoice

Covert GRN to purchase invoice for accounting or direct as per delivered directly by vendors.


Barcode Generation

Generate bar code for all items purchased in case product is not having code




Import procedure to derive landed cost of material and RCM used as per FTA.


Follow up

Every Purchase order can be followed up in the system in order to get the delivery as well as documents.


Purchase Return

Quality rejections, damages or any return as per GRN or Invoice routed through return forms and accounting with VAT taking care.



Purchase order process for local purchase with VAT complaint procedures including deriving cost per unit.



Procedure to check changes in purchase price and selling price either through management or at the counter with notional price.


Stock Audit

Daily basis random sample stock audit in order to understand the physical stock as well as system stock.

Price Management


Funcitonal BI to fix price with support of stock, purchase price, average sales, gradation & margin


Offer price can be fixed for any period in advanc. Pricing picked from system / bar code as the cse may be.


Product can be bundled as an offer ack for  a time period, afterwards it can be unbundled to keep as separate unit. Bundled price wil b picked up

Inventory Management

Stock level maintenance

Stock level has to be maintained in store as well as in the shelves. Valuation of stock at real time. Stock audit regular random basis.

Van Sales Inventory

Procedure to check changes in purchase price and selling price either through management or at the counter with notional price.

Floor Management

Floor, rack, bins are mapped properly in the display area as well in the store. This will lead to proper control, easy to pickup and audit.

Inventory Transactions

Movement of inventory to one location to another and inter branch if required. Grade, organize non moving, slow moving items.

Sales Orders


Portal / web app built as a digital face to get orders

Sales Orders

Sales order has to be keyed in the system to proceed with the delivery process


If stock is not available, it will go through manufacturing process


Estimate with visibility of docs in enquiry/ survey / service report and use price management for speed & accuracy

Delivery Note

Delivery note preparation and arrange delivery

Delivery Update

Dlivery update by the mobile in front of the client and sms integration if required


Invoice will be processed at the time of delivery itself or after the delivery as the case may be

Follow Up

Follow up of delivery, invoice receipt and collection



BoM Create

BoM is created for the product to get standard consumption.


Plan Procurement

Plan and procure through procurement process management


Production schedule

Production planning, scheduling


Material Management

Material request, issue as per BoQ / variation as per approval


Production update

Production update, with man hour clock in facility


Stock Transfer & QC

Production update covers stock transfer to store with cost of production & QC

Production floor management


Production planning

Production to be planned as per availability of material and machinery and issue work order



Plan the production as per work order and its details, quality assurance if any has to be carried out. Real time status of the production floor


Production update

When updating the production the cost of material, labour and overhead can be calculated as production cost for the products to be transferred to stock as per costing methods


Quality Control

Quality control procedure can be part of the processes and rejections shall be notified and the rejected stock has be to measured and dealt with


Time management

Clock in & clock out of production staff will get the manhours engaged in each work order through a bar coded WO card and employee ID


Material Management

As per BoM, materials can be reserved, request to buy, procure through purchase order process. Material issue as per the floor requirement.

Machinery & Tools Management

Gateway ERP

Mould Management


Induction of Moulds in the system and it can be mapped with BoM and machines can handle Puchasea as fixed assets and depreciated Utilisation of each item can be monitored, if it is selected while plannng the production.

Quality Control

Quality controls function allows to make maitenance request directly from the production QC if it related to Mould.


Preventive maintenance procedure can be follow up with check list and confirmation Repairs will be done as per the QC notification and work order process functions can be used.

Value additions

Web Advantage

  • Web application based on advanced Java and sql back end
  • Access from anywhere through browser
  • User access restricted as per their permission with login credentials and other securities


Decision support system, attachment facility on all forms, audit log, follow up, analytical dash boards, process flow etc.


Approval Facility, Internal audit procedure, dash board monitors, user control, guideline in each forms

Management Dash board

Finance & Accounting


Financial transactions routed through approval system and internal audit methods.


Post dated cheque management, EMI management, Aging management routed thourgh auto posting methods

Periodical Closing

Periodical closing is procedure in Gateway ERP in order to publish financials to management and tax returns and external auditing

Inter Branch

Inter branch financial and material transactions automated inter branch entries, which avoids reconciliation process in traditional branch accounting.


Real time dash board for financial follow up like collection, PDCs, Outstanding, Revenue & Expenditure anlysis

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting (Balance sheet, Profit & loss, Cash flow, Budgeting) including schedules

Information Mobilility

Gateway ERP

Asset Management

Gateway ERP

Human Resource Management in Manufacturing ERP


Induct an employee with full details. Categorize as per designation, department, pay roll category, grade etc.

Document Management

Create all documents to be used. Attach docs in the same master

Additions, Deductions

Additions and deductions from other department to be included in pay roll

Time Management

Facility available : Time sheet as per project Man hours recorded through Web App Present and absent marked Confirm the attendance and / or time to process pay roll.

Payroll Processing

Pay roll processed in one click as per the previous details confirmation.

Terminal Benefits

Monthly posting of terminal benefits as per the matrix set in system .Real time benefits calculations .Accounting and retrieval of terminal benefits for payment


In case of appraisal of employee in terms of designation or monthly benefits will be routed through this process with approval facility


Anlyse employee cost, document expiry for renewal process, time management, leave management , Terminal benefit analysis, schedule for financials

Terminal Benefits

Monthly posting of terminal benefits as per the matrix set in system .Real time benefits calculations .Accounting and retrieval of terminal benefits for payment