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The importance of implementing Gateway ERP
in Heavy Equipment Rental

In the dynamic landscape of heavy equipment rental, where precision, operational efficiency, and adaptability are the cornerstones of success, the implementation of Gateway ERP assumes a role of paramount importance. As the processes in heavy equipment rental become increasingly complex, demanding seamless coordination and optimization, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like Gateway ERP emerge as the guiding star for an industry eager to embrace the future. With its inherent capacity to streamline intricate operations, alleviate bottlenecks in equipment allocation, and enhance resource management, Gateway ERP empowers heavy equipment rental providers to navigate the ever-evolving terrain with unwavering confidence. In an industry where every piece of equipment, every operational facet, and every strategic decision ripples through the entire rental process, this technology is not merely a solution; it stands as a transformative catalyst. The significance of Gateway ERP in heavy equipment rental transcends the realm of software implementation; it serves as a vanguard of innovation, ushering in a future where precision harmonizes with productivity, and excellence is cultivated at every juncture.

Empowering Efficiency with BPM in Heavy Equipment Rental ERP
Shaping a Future of Operational Excellence

Gateway ERP

Within the dynamic realm of heavy equipment rental, where every moment holds significant value and profitability margins are often razor-thin, the innovative Business Process Management (BPM) system provided by GatewayERP stands as the linchpin for propelling operations to unparalleled levels of efficiency. Whether it’s orchestrating intricate equipment transactions, overseeing the complexities of financial operations, or managing the intricate dance of resource allocation, BPM becomes an indispensable conductor of an efficiency symphony that resonates throughout the industry. At its core, BPM acts as a guiding force, simplifying convoluted processes, eliminating redundant steps, and infusing precision and repeatability into operations. However, the value of BPM extends beyond mere streamlining; it serves as a vigilant custodian of operational discipline, a visionary guiding the course of functional workflows, and a master of data visualization. Its most compelling attribute lies in its ability to supercharge decision-making by providing real-time insights that empower strategic choices. When the principles of BPM are intricately woven into the tapestry of heavy equipment rental, they become the transformative tools that make the once-unattainable not only achievable but also remarkably efficient.


To Achieve Industry Goal

Client Relationship Management (CRM) in Gateway Heavy Equipment Rental ERP

Tariff Management

Dynamic tariff management in terms of types of client. Various components pegged with period (daily/weekly/monthly/ block days/ hours etc) Promotions, fines and toll charges… lot more Lease calculator for leasing segment with dynamic matrix.


Full fledged KYC with internal audit and/or approval system with digital document management. Any time client transactional information, behavior pattern and accounting on one click through client review.


Enquiry registered, quote prepared & followed up till booking or directly booking. Integration from online portals / websites

Vehicle Induction


Release to Operation

Vehicle induction through purchase process and releasing the vehicle for operation with audit facility to ensure the accuracy of information and documentation. High visibility on all operations

Rental Operations


Prepare Quote

Client Approval

Create Rental Contract

Preparing Equipment

Delivery scheduling

Logistics Assignment

Delivery with Accessories

Mark the start date

Invoice processing

Collection processes

Closing of Agreement


Heavy rental activities related to workshop is routed through work order process


Work order process

Management Dash board

Finance & Accounting


Financial transactions routed through approval system and internal audit methods.


Post dated cheque management, EMI management, Aging management routed thourgh auto posting methods

Periodical Closing

Periodical closing is procedure in Gateway ERP in order to publish financials to management and tax returns and external auditing

Inter Branch

Inter branch financial and material transactions automated inter branch entries, which avoids reconciliation process in traditional branch accounting.


Real time dash board for financial follow up like collection, PDCs, Outstanding, Revenue & Expenditure anlysis

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting (Balance sheet, Profit & loss, Cash flow, Budgeting) including schedules


In case of appraisal of employee in terms of designation or monthly benefits will be routed through this process with approval facility


Anlyse employee cost, document expiry for renewal process, time management, leave management , Terminal benefit analysis, schedule for financials

Information Mobilility

Gateway ERP

Vehicle as an Asset

Manage the fleet through valuation process through depreciation till sold


Monthly posting facility of depreciation as per configuration and / or vehicle master, Straight line and diminishing methods are available. While selling the balance depreciation is got accounted .

Sale of vehicle

Sales proceeds will be accounted by the system as a process. Depreciation calculated till the sale date from the last posting. Accounted the sale of asset entry automatically by the system.


Vehicle register is available apart from the asset register as this asset is in trade as a schedule to balance sheet. Value of asset, depreciation, net book value, last year book value been automated and real time asset valuation

Asset Management

Gateway ERP

Human Resource Management


Induct an employee with full details. Categorize as per designation, department, pay roll category, grade etc.

Document Management

Create all documents to be used. Attach docs in the same master

Additions, Deductions

Additions and deductions from other department to be included in pay roll

Time Management

Facility available : Time sheet as per project Man hours recorded through Web App Present and absent marked Confirm the attendance and / or time to process pay roll.

Payroll Processing

Pay roll processed in one click as per the previous details confirmation.

Payroll Posting

Confirmed pay roll will be posted for accounting Payment is done through system


Terminal Benefits

Monthly posting of terminal benefits as per the matrix set in system .Real time benefits calculations .Accounting and retrieval of terminal benefits for payment

Real time benefits calculations

Accounting and retrieval of terminal benefits for payment


In case of appraisal of employee in terms of designation or monthly benefits will be routed through this process with approval facility


Anlyse employee cost, document expiry for renewal process, time management, leave management , Terminal benefit analysis, schedule for financials