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The importance of implementing Gateway ERP

in Aviation Industry?

In the aviation industry, where precision, efficiency, and adaptability are critical to success, the implementation of ERP software takes on a role of paramount significance. As aviation operations become increasingly intricate, demanding seamless coordination and optimization, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like Gateway ERP offer a lifeline to an industry eager to embrace the future. With its ability to streamline complex operations, enhance resource allocation, and minimize operational bottlenecks, Gateway ERP empowers aviation professionals to navigate the ever-evolving skies with confidence. In an industry where every aircraft, every operation, and every decision has far-reaching impacts, this technology transcends being a mere solution; it stands as a transformative force. The importance of Gateway ERP in the aviation industry extends beyond software implementation; it serves as a catalyst for innovation, cultivating a future where precision meets productivity, and excellence soars in every aspect of aviation management.


Elevating Efficiency with BPM in Aviation

Shaping a Future of Operational Excellence

Gateway ERP

Within the dynamic realm of aviation management, where time is a valuable asset and operational efficiency is essential, the innovative Business Process Management (BPM) system offered by GatewayERP emerges as the linchpin for propelling operations to unparalleled levels of efficiency. Whether it’s orchestrating complex aviation processes, managing intricate financial operations, or overseeing the coordination of resources, BPM becomes an indispensable conductor of an efficiency symphony that resonates throughout the aviation industry. At its core, BPM acts as a guiding force, simplifying intricate processes, eliminating redundant steps, and infusing precision and repeatability into aviation operations. Yet, the value of BPM transcends beyond mere streamlining; it serves as a vigilant custodian of operational discipline, a visionary guiding the course of functional workflows, and a master of data visualization. However, its most compelling attribute lies in its ability to supercharge decision-making by offering real-time insights that empower strategic choices. When the principles of BPM are seamlessly integrated into the aviation ERP, they become transformative tools that make the once-unattainable not only achievable but also remarkably efficient.

To Achieve Industry Goal

Business Process Automation

Functional Coverage

Administrative Function

Crafted to facilitate the seamless orchestration of administrative processes within each department, our system is a design marvel. It gracefully handles the reception of applications, ushering them through meticulous verification and approval procedures. The beauty of real-time status tracking elevates the experience, providing instant insights. Communication is a breeze, with the option to dispatch SMS and emails directly from the system, whether manually or through automated triggers. Every step, from the initial application to the culmination of administrative processing, gracefully follows a systematic, real-time process flow.

Flight operations


Aircraft Details induction
Booking - types of charter
Flight positioning record

time, port, crew , fueling requirement,

airport services , overflying services

catering, engineering services

requests to third parties for services

Manifest and other communications

Closing of flight position record after execution

will update all concerned departments like

crew allowances, delivery vouchers for services taken ,

update of cycles, block hours and connected to -finance, engineering, commercial and marketing, HR and crew management - Costing

Flight Insurance


Request to insurance Company for Various risk coverage (Hull, passenger, ground risk, full flight etc)
Period to period variation requests for change in risks
Approval of insurance company

System will generate debit note and credit note as per the agreed rates.

Reconciliation with insurance company accounts

Documentation and its electronic attachments

Reporting of claim if any and its follow up

nsurance cost is a one of the major cost drive in this industry, so real time action in this regard will benefit

Crew Management


up keeping
Training certification (simulators etc) and its procedures

Travel documentations

Flying hours management


Reporting of claim if any and its follow up

While selecting crew name in flight positioning record , history can be seen

Training requests > approval

Direct choosing vendors or institutions for services

fully integrated with HR, flight operations and finance

Real time information of any crew member



Aircraft Master will define all LLPs, cycles related equipments, Flying hours related equipments
Flying hours and cycles will update from operations automatically
Real time health report can be taken

Request for maintenance (NRCs and RCs)

Checks (A,B,C,D) positioning and updates of changes and replacements

Material request routed through procurement procedure

fully integrated with


finance departments

Procurement Stores

Procurement Procedure

Purchase requests (approval from engineering department head)
Availability check
Enquiry can be generated from the system to supplier with direct mailing facility

Purchase order with decision support of previous purchase rates, other quotes compare

Approval system

Tracking of delivery

Receiving the parts or consumables

Purchase invoice posting by finance department

AOG purchase approval can be set it online or record on or just after the action.

Stores Inventory Management


Unit of Measurement

Simplify your asset tracking

Assets are registered Unique coding Valuation of assets Depreciation system Asset tracking Movement of assets to projects, offices, employees

Real time tracking

Asset auditing Reporting

Decision support system for Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting Processes

Accounting transactions GL, AP, AR, HR accounts
Prepayments management and monthly posting
Depreciation posting

Post dated cheques management

Approval system on documents (optional)

integration from

Flight operations

Human resources, admin, crew management


Maintenance, procurement, inventory

Fixed asset management

- Real time balance sheet, profit loss account, analysis, costing records

Human Resource Management


Induct an employee with full details. Categorize as per designation, department, pay roll category, grade etc.

Document Management

Create all documents to be used. Attach docs in the same master

Additions, Deductions

Additions and deductions from other department to be included in pay roll

Time Management

Facility available : Time sheet as per project Man hours recorded through Web App Present and absent marked Confirm the attendance and / or time to process pay roll.

Payroll Processing

Pay roll processed in one click as per the previous details confirmation.

Terminal Benefits

Monthly posting of terminal benefits as per the matrix set in system .Real time benefits calculations .Accounting and retrieval of terminal benefits for payment


In case of appraisal of employee in terms of designation or monthly benefits will be routed through this process with approval facility


Anlyse employee cost, document expiry for renewal process, time management, leave management , Terminal benefit analysis, schedule for financials

Terminal Benefits

Monthly posting of terminal benefits as per the matrix set in system .Real time benefits calculations .Accounting and retrieval of terminal benefits for payment