Once we recognised the consultancy of Business Process Management is not followed by the management and staff, as it has to read the manual and do. Even ISO certification is not able to follow up properly in many cases.

Our thought to help business owners, through a BPM enabled software solution to ensure more control and real time monitoring to improve efficiency and growth. Our commitment to nature taught us to create a paperless environment.


We established in the year 2006 to execute our ideas and successfully entered the UAE vibrant market. Successful journeys strengthen our wings in India as corporate entities and other parts of the world.

Success factor

BPM enabled industry specific ERP software solutions introduced by us to the global business community for their enhancement. Educate and implement Business Process Management in a paperless ERP environment as an alternative to existing expensive and time consuming traditional ERP implementation methods with numerous third party tools.

Industry specific means a lot, as we know the industry and need of the management. We do understand that Business owners need solutions for their business process challenges, not the technology. We use the latest technology to provide an apt solution.

We do practice effectively the consultation, requirement analysis, GAP analysis, training and audit after legacy data keyed in, treated it as the backbone of implementation.


Our success stories