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Pioneering a Holistic Approach to Business Management Through BPM Innovation

The inception of Gateway ERP finds its roots in the rich business consultancy legacy of its visionary Founder and CEO, Mr. Sasi Menon, during the pre-digital era. Leading a French business firm in the Middle East, Menon specialized in Business Process Management (BPM), orchestrating the organization and management of diverse business verticals. This immersive experience allowed him to delve deeply into the challenges faced by organizations, both anticipated and unforeseen, transforming them into pragmatic solutions that aligned with the interests of both management and employees, ultimately boosting productivity.

As the digital era dawned and major IT players shifted their focus to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Menon discerned a critical gap. Existing software solutions failed to address industry-specific intricacies, neglecting operational nuances in favor of accounting perspectives. This realization sparked Menon’s decision to venture into the ERP software industry, leveraging his hands-on expertise to pioneer a unique concept: BPM-enabled ERP. Gateway ERP emerged as the world’s first of its kind, providing an unparalleled method to identify, elaborate, and standardize every business function, ensuring flawless execution through comprehensive training and regular audits.

In an era where most ERP solutions compartmentalized functions within departments, Gateway ERP took a holistic approach. Functions seamlessly flowed across departments, guided by meticulous processes accessible based on job descriptions and authoritative designations. This departure from conventional methodologies mitigated challenges such as employee turnover, internal audit discrepancies, and the high cost of manual or partially automated systems.

The implementation of a system-driven mechanism brought about a transformative shift in employee mindset, as they felt consistently monitored. Unlike traditional ERP solutions focusing on departmental integrations, Gateway ERP prioritized a cohesive approach, preserving the natural behavior patterns of transactions across departments and modules.


So, Gateway took this matter holistically, making every function seamlessly available as per access control irrespective of departments in a process flow and creating procedures to manage each function in a flow. Access is restricted to functions according to job descriptions and authoritative designations. Employee turnover, internal audit findings of indiscipline in following procedures, rectification, and documentation were major challenges affecting organizational discipline and increasing management costs, as it is manual and/or a partial system. Menon’s extensive business consultancy background seamlessly translated into a real-time information-led management system. This digital evolution empowered employees to execute tasks with precision, make informed decisions, and seamlessly navigate internal and external transactions. Gateway ERP consistently embraced cutting-edge technology, incorporating proprietary Business Intelligence tools and anticipating the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, ensuring sustained relevance in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Real-time Operational Oversight

The need for real-time monitoring and control of operations is paramount to staying agile and responsive

Efficient Information Retrieval

Ensuring easy retrieval of vital information and documents for swift decision-making.

Tracking Job Progress

The ability to assess job pendency within each department or division, facilitating streamlined operations.

Timely Decision Support

Providing the right information at the right time to enable informed decision-making.

Precise Communication

 Ensuring accurate and efficient communication both within and outside the organization.

Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere

Enabling easy access to information from any location, at any time.

Cost Reduction

 Lowering the cost of information management through optimized processes

Maximized ROI

Achieving optimum Return On Investment by streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency

Gateway ERP's Impactful Advancements in BPM and Information Management

From CEO

Local perception to Global Perspective

Sasi Menon is the Founder and CMD of Gateway ERP. “Real-Time Operational Control” is the key to success for any business. SMEs constitute over 90% of the total businesses worldwide, and the majority of them continue to adhere to traditional operating procedures due to various constraints. Modern digital tools and platforms remain out of reach for many because of financial limitations. Gateway ERP, a BPM software, was specifically designed to meet the needs of SMEs. It offers customized and automated solutions to all industry verticals, presenting ready-to-use, cost-effective, easily implementable options with remote accessibility.