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The Fast-Track
to Digital Precision
and Industry Excellence

The Fast-Track
to Digital Precision
and Industry Excellence

Embark on a swift, industry-specific ERP journey with Gateway ERP. Unlike generic customizations, our digital transformation is born from invaluable industry knowledge, ensuring precision with speed. We take just one-third of the time for in-depth analysis, covering intricacies from asset management to ROI, alleviating expectations and client anxiety. Experience efficiency in the dynamic regional marketing landscape.

Unlocking Business Excellence

8 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Gateway ERP

In an ERP market crowded with subpar products and overblown claims, many business owners find themselves hesitant to take the plunge. However, Gateway ERP stands out as a reliable solution to quell these concerns. With its unique BPM feature, Gateway ERP not only addresses the mediocrity prevalent in the market but also mitigates the tension and reluctance that often accompanies ERP adoption. It offers a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to unlock eight compelling reasons for excellence in your business operations.


Efficient Business
Process Flow

Streamline and optimize your operations, turning chaos into order and complexity into efficiency.


Paperless Office

Embrace sustainability by reducing paper usage while enhancing document management, ensuring information is at your fingertips whenever you need it.


Precision Management Control

Empower decision-makers with real-time insights, allowing you to maintain a tight grip on your operations, from statistics to aging data, and tackle challenges head-on.


Exceptional Return on Investment

ERP delivers kaleidoscopic reports and financial consolidation, maximizing your ROI through cost reduction and integration.


Enhanced Data Security

Safeguard your sensitive business information and comply with data protection regulations, ensuring your data stays your business’s treasure.


Seamless Scalability

Industry Specific ERP grows with your organization, adapting to your evolving needs and future growth, making it a truly lasting investment.


Streamlined Collaboration

Promote teamwork and boost efficiency through improved inter-departmental collaboration and communication, creating a harmonious and productive work environment.



Customer Satisfaction

Provide unparalleled service by gaining a 360-degree view of customer interactions and proactively addressing their needs, ensuring their loyalty and satisfaction.


Gateway ERP

Where BPM Magic Illuminates the Digital Realm in Spectral Brilliance

In the realm of modern business, challenges take on myriad forms, akin to the vibrant spectrum that emerges from a prism. Yet, tackling these complexities requires an innovative approach, much like turning the magical  prism to reveal hidden facets. At Gateway ERP, we are the trailblazers of this transformation. Our pioneering BPM-enabled industry specific ERP software represents a first-of-its-kind solution, designed to provide you with a holistic view of your business’s health, just as a prism unveils a dazzling spectrum. We go beyond the ordinary to ensure complete peace of mind, offering insights and opportunities you might have never imagined. With meticulous analysis and a steadfast commitment to your success, we are here to unveil the true potential and multifaceted dimensions of your business processes, setting new standards for innovation in the digital world.

Unique solutions

Retail & Distribution

Product Data Management Price Management Point of Sale Purchase Order Processing Logistics Warehousing Sales Order Processing Delivery Management FoC Management Van Sales Consignment Sales Customer Loyalty Program Inventory Management Analysis of Client, Product, Vendor through Profitability, Turnaround, Volume, Credit, Ageing, Projections, Lead time, Audit etc…
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Product Data Management Bill of Material Material Requirement Planning Sales Order Processing Procurement Procedure Production planning Work Order Process Wastage and Rejections Management Machinery Utilization In Process Quality Assurance Machinery Preventive and breakdown Maintenance Management Costing.
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Rental & Leasing

Car Rental
Heavy Equipment Rental
Fleet Management

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Workshop Management

Inspection while Receiving Estimation and Quote Approval Job Card Process Parts Costing and Management Procurement Procedure Additional Estimation Floor Management Customer Communication Management Pre-delivery Inspection Procedure Delivery Process Analytics of job Profitability, Inventory , Client, Class of Vehicle etc.. Customer Feedback Technician Efficiency Costing Incentivize Deployed Manpower
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Projects & AMC

Enquiry Survey Estimation Quote Contract BoQ Management Procurement Management Material Management Progressive Billing Manpower Management AMC Scheduling and Completion Project Costing and Variance In Process Budgetary Monitoring Customer Feedback Complaints and Emergency Call Management
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Property Management

Property Rental and Leasing, Real-Time Availability, Inspection Procedures, Maintenance Approval System, Tenancy Contract Management, Handover and Return Procedures, Owner Portal, PDC Management, Agents Commission, Complaint Handling, Occupancy and Profitability Analysis.
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Insurance & Broking

Tele Sales, Enquiries, Quotes, Insurance Vendors, Policy Communication, Contract Management, Accounting Dashboards, Vendor Payments, Renewals, Endorsements, Claim Assistance, Sales Activity, Incentives, Vendor and Client Analysis.
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Cargo Management

Enquiry Estimation Quote Fleet Management Including Trailer Units Driver Management Bill of Lading Tracking Delivery and Collection Follow up Cost Analysis per Shipment Execution Procedure Clearing and Forwarding Packing and Forwarding Various Analysis at Real Time
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Aviation Support Services, Centralized Price Management, Invoice Processing, Taxation Management, Aircraft Parts Sales, Charter Flight Management, Insurance, MRO Processes, Routine and Non-Routine Checks.
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Our goal is giving the
best our customers

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Secure database

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Incredible Performance

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Our success stories

    Jayan Warrier
    Jayan Warrier

    Finance Manager - Progress Rent A Car

    Gateway ERP provides business analysis to take right decisions at right time. We wish good luck and progress.

      Sanjay D'Souza
      Sanjay D'Souza

      General Manager- Sayara Rent a Car

      With huge experience in the rental and leasing industry, the difficulties are addressed to solutions by Gateway ERP.

        Hossam Al Attia
        Hossam Al Attia

        Business Application Manager - Al Fahim Group

        Application is seamlessly integrated to serve the business with minimum efforts. Wish all success to Gateway ERP.

          H. H. Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zayed Saqr Al Nahyan
          H. H. Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zayed Saqr Al Nahyan

          CEO - Abdulla Bin Zayed Investment Group

          As an investment group, it was a very gigantic task to integrate various industries to have one solution. We appreciate Gateway ERP for implementing simplified process to monitor and control.

            Pramod Pillai
            Pramod Pillai

            Director - AITS, Dubai

            Amazed with the Gateway ERP functions, perfectly fit for Fire and safety industry, which we couldn't find in the market.

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