Automobile industry spread out in various segments right from Showrooms to sell vehicles, Pre Delivery Inspection Centers, After sales Service Centers, full fledged Workshops, Retail shops for Spare parts, Accessories, Tyre, Batteries etc……. and Pre Owned vehicles organised trading.

Real time Information Management will play an important role in keeping relations with the customer and passing right information at any given time in related to vehicle, parts, etc……. in several occasions.

Auto sales having functional process flow from procurement procedure, landing cost calculations, warehousing, sales procedure like booking, request for documentation, pre delivery inspections, delivery, accessories fittings, costing, exchange rate influence while dealt with import in price fixing etc…


Workshop management functions are independent  as well as along with auto sales as after sales support center in this industry. It is a service industry dealt with slot sales in a professional manner in order to schedule customer request for regular maintenance and Regular and accident repairs are undertaken with various sections of jobs  like mechanical, denting, painting, electrical etc….. . Process flow is starts from Gate In Pass, Inspection, Estimation, Quote approval, Job card auto creation, link to procurement, scheduling the slot as well as technicians, job completion, invoicing, payment, Gate Out Pass. Costing, profitability, utilization etc… are important to run this industry.


Accessories Sales is a trading but without fixing is difficult to run this business. So cost of fixing, and accessories will sell as a package or individual. Suitability is another issue in this industry. So real time information management is required to have a proper sales and customer service


Spare Parts Sales also a trading working on part numbers and time to time it has been updated by the original manufacturer as well as substitute manufacturers. Bar coding , stores planning, real time stock positioning, multiple branch linking are very much important in this business.


GATEWAY ERP proved to be an Information Management Partner in your continuous improvement process, as it recognizes and implement industry specific requirements.