Retail industry

Retail Modelling is keep on changing day by day like Direct Marketing, Malls, Super Markets, Hyper Markets, Department Stores, Home Deliveries, On Line Marketing, Telemarketing etc…………

Rent a Car Industry

It is a movable Asset Management Industry looking for return through occupancy, where in asset exposure is at its maximum with an operational segment of Rental, Leasing and Limousine Services. This Industry should have larger operational control integrated with finance and accounting.

Automobile industry

Automobile industry spread out in various segments right from Showrooms to sell vehicles, Pre Delivery Inspection Centers, After sales Service Centers, full fledgedWorkshops, Retail shops for Spare parts, Accessories, Tyre, Batteries etc……. and Pre Owned vehicles organised trading.


Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry process flow differs one to another as per product type, method of manufacturing and selling. Batch processing, line processing, single unit manufacturing and delivery, manufacture and install in projects etc… are prime classification to identify and fixing process flow.

Food Industry

Food Industry divides into food stuff trading and cook and serve as in restaurants, coffee shops, outlets, industrial catering etc…., so it requires a keen observation from procurement to delivery where real time information is necessary

Service Sector industries

Service Sector industries are giving continuous, contractual services and its maintenance services. Major challenge is to attend and carry out calls in time as per service terms and keep tracking of services at any given time. Gateway ERP audience in this segment are industries doing services, after sales services, annual maintenance contractual services, one time services which can be scheduled, after sales support centers to attend call outs.

Construction industry

Construction industry is very complex as it involves consultants, contractors, suppliers, sub contractors, regulatory authorities, utility departments at the same time larger man power and equipment deployment. Daily basis monitoring is important in each activity derived from the planning stage itself.

Real Estate

Property and Facility Management is part of real estate activities, where in leasing, renting, maintenance, facilitation and working as bridge between owner and tenant. Information management plays a big role in fine tuning process flow of this industry.

Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry having several functional areas like operations (Charter or Scheduled operations), flight operations, support services, crew management, line maintenance and full fledged MRO, health monitoring of engines and aircraft etc…. apart from airline activities like ticketing etc….