ERP Solutions

An Introduction

A bird’s eye view on current business scenario reveals that business goal must be an immediate action plan to do more with minimum budget and resources.

To achieve this goal

  • You must be efficient and precise with every decision
  • Everyone in your organization should have right information at right time
  • Ensure competitiveness and control on each functions of operations
  • Patch the gap between strategy and operational execution
  • Vertical distribution of corporate goals with result oriented measurements
  • Accountability, monitoring, analysis, streamline of operational flow, strategy backed planning are the vital points.


Gateway ERP is helpful to attain your business goal by laying down functional processes in an integrated platform from data collection to analysis and decision making. Highlights are

Structured business process flow mapping

Identify each department as per their institutional behavior pattern

Planning, budgeting, analysis and fixing parameters will increase accuracy in planning

Accountability, responsibilityand authority distribution

Base data collection while operational execution

Embedded planning and scheduling

Decision support system to take right decision

Integration of functional processes like.. ( Supply chain management, Retail Management, Finance & accounting management, Human resource management, Asset management, Manufacturing process management, Customer Relationship management, Rental and leasing management, Restaurant Management, Management Control system, Decision Support system)

Industry specific modulation to attain competitiveness within the industry.

Kaleidoscopic reports, bird’s eye view gadgets and dashboard to monitor and control the organization.

Financial consolidation of branches and companies helps to assess total performance of the corporate.

Evaluation procedure on employed human capital leads to continuous improvement.

Performance evaluation will increase profitability and ensure optimum utilization of resources.

Integration reduces cost of information management and justifies total cost of ownership.