Campus Management

Campus functional activities like academic operations, student register, fees collection, employee information, laboratory management, library management, store and procurement management, asset tracking, document management, portal for communication with parents has to be integrated with finance and accounting in a real time.


Admin to set up academic operations such as define courses and classes, subjects and languages, fees structure, transportation, student register processes, fees collection, library, laboratory and stores management etc…


Student Register processes for inducting a student in detail till completing the registration with course details, fees to be collected etc… Real time history will be available for each department related to a student.


Fees collection procedure is simple in nature by several payment methods, and communication with parents and student in case of default in time automatically. Auto SMS facility can also be used for intimation


Teachers activities will be handled through human resource section of the ERP connected to academic and pay roll processing.


Academic Operational information like attendance of students, student academic routine, marks obtained, extra curricular activities, disciplinary activities, academic year closing functions, printing certificates, progress reports and various ways of distributing, ranking of students and statistics etc… can be well maintained.


Library upkeep such as register of books with all details, shelves planning, set up of rules of library activities, communication with library users in regard notifications, warnings or penalty etc.., procurement of books, real time enquiry of books, disposal of damages, fees collection if any …… are taken care by the system


Stores functions are covered in supply chain management as procurement and sales procedure has to be followed. Inventory management is part of supply chain which gives correct picture of this operational activity.


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