Construction industry is very complex as it involves consultants, contractors, suppliers, sub contractors, regulatory authorities, utility departments at the same time larger man power and equipment deployment. Daily basis monitoring is important in each activity derived from the planning stage itself.


Costing or estimating is the control to achieve competitiveness in this industry, which requires an extensive information management in order keep track of qualifying vendors, products, bill of quantities, manpower skills requirement, equipment required, logistics, cost analysis, execution and quality assurance  etc…. The finest synchronization of these will enhances efficiency in quality delivery at contractual time frame. Estimation will be converted as a budget for execution, hence variance analysis with actual is become back borne of control and standardization.


Vendor  qualifying and analysis process is required to ensure quality material and services are getting in time at right prices. This process has to be an operational procedure of this industry time to time.


Job segmentation  is a vital part of construction, where in  each job is categorized as per technical specification and execution approach. Each job has its own bill of quantities, manpower requirement, equipment requirement, quality controls, specified vendors and sub contractors been considered at the stage of planning. System integration will play a major role in these areas.

Warehousing and stores   activities including procurement procedure as per the budget will enhance real time information regard to availability of material and helps for deploying manpower rightly.


Manpower requirement, deployment and utilization is to be measured in time and pay roll process has to be synchronized with actual time spend on specified jobs.


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