Every RETAILER recognizes the toughness of positioning and surviving in today’s Buyers World

Retail Modelling is keep on changing day by day like Direct Marketing, Malls, Super Markets, Hyper Markets, Department Stores, Home Deliveries, On Line Marketing, Telemarketing etc…………


In all circumstances a perfect Real time Information Management is necessary to know the market and competition, client’s purchase behavior, supply chain system, availability, deliveries, types of promotional activities, perfect pricing strategies and to run loyalty programs to develop and improve loyal customer list.


Price management is a vital area and needs support system to fix pricing like promotional, seasonal, volume based, customer segment based, quality based, stock based etc…. at any given time.


Right methods have to be used for Inventory management including warehousing in order to maintain availability in all time. Efficient Centralized procurement and Warehousing, in house distribution to outlets in time will improve cost effectiveness and helps for better pricing.


Procurement procedure is key area of control, where in directly affecting the pricing and availability. Real time approval system with decision support system is required for a right decision.

Product data management is having an important role in retail industry, it explain like, bar coding, technical grouping, technical information, warranties, after sales support documentations, free bees, relativity between supplier and customer etc…


Point of Sale shall be efficient to have controls as well as speed disbursement of customer from the counter, where most of of the decision has been automatic like pricing, product recognition, payment methods, collection, inventory update etc………….


After sales support like exchange of product, warranty services etc….. shall be efficient with communication aids like automated SMS and Email faiclities


GATEWAY ERP proved to be an Information Management Partner in your continuous improvement process, as it recognizes and implement industry specific requirements.