Manufacturing Industry process flow differs one to another as per product type, method of manufacturing and selling. Batch processing, line processing, single unit manufacturing and delivery, manufacture and install in projects etc… are prime classification to identify and fixing process flow.


Batch Processing is more used in liquid manufacturing industries like chemical, perfumes etc….., where in quality assurance and control will be on batches produced and filled. Again its key indicators are changes as per filling methods like level filling in perfume industry and measured filling in other chemical industry where yield / spill over calculation are different. Bill of material will be strictly scrutinized because it affects directly the quality of the product.


Line Process has its own process flow where in various stages has to be completed in order to get the finished product. The major challenge is to have real time knowledge of work in process in various stages. Substitutes, alternatives, in process quality assurance of each produce are other key factors. Assembly and contract jobs with in the process is common and it should handled with in the system. Cans and containers, utensils, moulding, motors, machinery etc… are the major industries


Single unit manufacture, assembly and install like plant and machinery assembly and erection, where in parts are manufactured and/or bought for assembling, delivered and erected and commissioned at the site. This industry has to be taken care with different procedure


Project based manufacturing like doors, windows etc … are having both aspect of pure continuous manufacturing as well as installation as in projects. Each unit may have different specification, accessories fixed may be as per client’s choice are complexities in handling a flow.


Material Requirement Planning (MRP) is challenge in this industry, a real time solution is required to overcome. Supply chain management has to be directly linked with manufacturing material requirement analysis along with capacity check. This synchronization will be cost effective in terms of material handling and storing.


Bill of Material (BoM) is a complex subject in manufacturing it varies industry to industry, like purchase, jobs carried out by third party, in house manufacturing, manufacture for stock, one finished product can be sold as well as a raw material for other product and so on…..


Cost anlysis will play a major role in determining the selling price and real time recognition and control on cost drive is the only way to optimize profit. cost drives will differs as per the input and manufacturing processes. Comparative study, what if analysis are very important.


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