Food Industry

Food Industry divides into food stuff trading and cook and serve as in restaurants, coffee shops, outlets, industrial catering etc…., so it requires a keen observation from procurement to delivery where real time information is necessary


Food Stuff Trading is purely trading having complexity of expiry management, wastage for perishables, storage capacity specially for frozen products while procuring etc… apart from other trading activity checks and controls. Sales methodology also been directly affecting as delivery van sales, order based deliveries etc…..


Food Packing and Distribution is a fast growing industry having a professional approach to compete in terms of quality, packing technology and controlled distribution. How to marginalize sales returns is the main challenge in short shelf life products. Distribution system shall be in line with intake behavior pattern of shops, super markets. Here right from procurement to end distribution real time data and proper process automation is necessary to achieve business goal.


Cook and Serve industry been changed from its traditional perspective to standardization in menu and delivery. Chain restaurants and food joints are more in number to keep loyal customers even they are on move. This challenge has been organised by information management to a large extent.


Coffee Shops & Restaurants are having major challenge today like in procurement, consumption, order taking and point of sales, kitchen order, delivery, cash collection and analysis of performance daily basis. Chain shops are closing watching improvement in fast serving of food from the time of order and it marks its efficiency to promote franchisees. Standard Operating procedure are getting implemented to reach the goal through information management system.


Industrial Catering is getting new ways in industrial belts as well as common industrial kitchen to prepare and distribute food to its outlets. This factory element shall be treated as food processing and distribution unit daily basis. Real time information will create a smooth funtions as well as analysis will give proper planning on daily processes.


Out door Catering also a growing industry needs a procedural approach in order to serve the clients in a better and efficient manner. Like catering order, shall five automatic bill of material, tools and equipment requirement


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