Aviation Industry having several functional areas like operations (Charter or Scheduled operations), flight operations, support services, crew management, line maintenance and full fledged MRO, health monitoring of engines and aircraft etc…. apart from airline activities like ticketing etc….


Flight Operations has to be integrated to all other departments and communication to various third parties while aircraft positioning  for operation, like time, port, fueling services, airport services, overflying services, catering, engineering services etc….  including preparing manifest and closing of operations with all relevant details, such as cycles, block hours etc… directly related to all internal departments.


Insurance is a major cost drive in this industry and having various sections of insurance and keep on changing its cover as per the operation. So a strict scrutiny and right time communication with record is required to protect the business.


Crew Management is a vital part of operation, challenges like proper record of flying hours, certification and training updates, roaster preparation, proper and economical utility of crew is directly effecting the cost and operation.


Health Monitoring of engines and aircraft is more important for the business as well as by law to keep the airworthiness. LLP’s are directly related to cycles or hours can be directly linked with the operational information, in a real time basis.


Maintenance is a major part of aviation industry, line and periodical checks has to be carried out with proper records and certifications. Each maintenance shall be recorded and shall be integrated with health monitoring system. MRO, works on Job costing with its routine and non routine cards while doing periodical checks.


Procurement & Stores is important, such  minimum stock level, calibration of instruments or parts, logistics, real time availability, OEM and other supplier follow up, price analysis, qualifying vendors etc…….


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