Aviation Support Service

Gateway erp is integrated business process flow in aviation support services which enhances control environment of timely delivery, communication, invoicing and collection.
Process flow for aviation fueling : Periodical contracts to set up pricing per port including tax applicable for supply will be inducted in the system. Same periodical contractual pricing will be intimated to the clients.
Fueling information will receive from the client and will be intimated to the supplier with details of aircraft details, positioning time, requirement of fuel etc….
Delivery notice will get from the supplier after supply has been done. This will be entered in the system.
Invoice is generated in process automatically and can sent directly from the system to the client. Both receivable and payable accounting is happening automatically and can derive trade margin report in real time. Hence each and every delivery will be ascertain with its profitability.
Support services : like over flying permissions, flight handling, cargo handling etc…. can handled through Gateway ERP in a systematic way integrated with accounting.
Collection procedure : As this industry is huge volume business, collection follow up has to be done immediately, where Gateway ERP gives a tremendous support to know in real time the outstanding in very clear age analysis in days
Accounting and Finance: is fully integrated, and will be able to see real time profit and loss account and balance sheet .

GATEWAY ERP proved to be an Information Management Partner in your continuous improvement process, as it recognizes and implement industry specific requirements.