Restaurant Management

GATEWAY ERP for Restaurant Management is a full fledged restaurant ordering system (PoS)integrated with procurement management, Consumption, inventory control and Finance. This vertical ERP solution will give complete control on your operations, procurement, inventory, consumption and finance and accounting. You are getting a standard operating procedure through Gateway ERP.


  • PoS : Point of sale is (touch screen) having facilities to have menu card with pricing, table management, KOT ordering in various methodologies, split and joint billing and receipts. Multiple currency can handled in.  Menu card can be  grouped in various ways in order to speed up the ordering and billing process. Multiple locations can be online or offline. Daily basis accounting is fully integrated with the point of sales
  • Royalty Cards : Facility issue, retrieve royalty cards in order to create and maintain royalty customers. special discounting facilities can management fully in a control environment. Card recognizer is attached with PoS for easy transactions.  Communication facility like SMS, Email to keep in touch with Royalty customers.
  • Centralized Kitchen:  This option will give Consumption and conversion in a centralized location and can distribute prepared food to locations. Consumption, costing and cost of transfer etc will take care by the system.
  • Procurement: Complexities on procurement control system is in place with in Gateway ERP. Various types of check for purchaes, ordering system, receiving and payable monitoring.  Decision support system is available with this module.
  • Inventory Management :Inventory contorl on multiple unit of measurement, bin rack locations, expiry management, re order level, stock ageing etc ……….. monitored
  • Consumption : Materials consumed can be recorded daily basis or periodically as per the procedure need to maintained. Analysis on consumption also been taken care by this module. Location wise consumption is visible in the system.
  • Finance :Accounting and finance is integrated with full functions. Able to get analysis of Profit and Loss account, balance sheet etc…. shop wise and consolidated.  AP, AR , GL are maintained properly.
  • Approval system : Options are available to route documents through approval system. This will enhance contorl as well as uptodate decisions.
  • Reports and Reviews : Reports and reviews designed to have full visibility of operations and financial implications, including profit and loss account and balance sheet. Daily reporting will enhance the reasonable control in day to day affair even remotely.


GATEWAY ERP proved to be an Information Management Partner in your continuous improvement process, as it recognizes and implement industry specific requirements.