Rent a Car

In General :  it is a movable Asset Management Industry looking for return through occupancy, where in asset exposure is at its maximum with an operational segment of Rental, Leasing and Limousine Services. This Industry should have larger operational control integrated with finance and accounting.


Gateway ERP sets up Standard Operating Procedure with in the software in order achieve Operational control, tariff management, timely communication, quality service provision, maintaining its assets, pro active to traffic fines, Salik (toll) and accidents exposure, customer relations management with full accountability through integrating Finance and Accounting.  Automated Communications like SMS and EMAIL will help to achieve client better connected.


Real time Asset live in history is most important in regard to it occupancy, service days, earned days, financial income, expenditures, accidents and non routine repairs, net book value  to take decision to sell and profitability analysis.


Asset up keeping record is must to gain more value while selling and to improve quality living of asset while in service.Quality of service can be improved systematically through real time information, GATEWAY ERP provides.


Tariff Management for rental and limousine services and calculation matrix for leasing will enhance standardization in pricing the services as per grouping of clients and right information will improve the competency in the market.


Replacement controls ensures quality services without having unwanted upgrades and revenue loss. Real Non revenue movements gives alert on unnecessary movements and statistical analysis gives more room for improvement.


Traffic Fine and Salik (Toll) Management alerts step by step check of what is downloaded, allocated, invoiced, received and paid to the department. This control will zeroing the uncollected list of fines and salik (toll ) charges.


Process flow linking from client (prospects), enquiry, quote, purchase, lease / rent agreement, invoicing……. till it closes including premature closing auto calculations will give a full support to this industry.


Financial integration enhances efficiency of collection, accounting, timely financial reporting, banking etc……


GATEWAY ERP proved to be an Information Management Partner in your continuous improvement process, as it recognizes and implement industry specific requirements.