Gateway ERP is concentrating on industry specific solution in order to cater appropriate solution. Each industry is having its own pain areas, complexity in product data management, process flow, checks and controls etc… are taken care in Gateway ERP. Project is mapped as per industry and configured each modules to suite to handle functional process flow.

Regional specification Every region is having its own code of conduct in commercial, financial, quality, process flow, resources etc. to run an organisation. Gateway ERP with its strength of consultancy back ground fine tunes regional requirements while configuring the system for implementation.

Industries covered Gateway ERP covered industries like
retail industry (any type of goods including life style, super markets, pharmacy,department stores, perfumes, sports items, etc……)
rent a car industry is having specific requirement as moving assets exposure is a great challenge. Traffic fines, toll gates(SALIK) charges, documentation, security, know your customer, maintenance, inspections, decision to buy and sell,
automobile (vehicle sales, rental and leasing, workshop management,Parts sales, accessories sales and fitting services etc…),
manufacturing batch and line processes with a full fledged process flow management with in process quality assurance, costing, work in process analysis, batch number etc for various types of manufacturing industries like doors , cans and container, modular kitchen, windows, fabrication, perfumes, all chemicals, rubber, motors, pump sets etc………
food industry like distribution of food stuff, industrial catering, restaurants, coffee shops, party halls, out door caterers, event management companies etc…..
service sector
real estate

GATEWAY ERP recognizes and implement industry requirement well in advance, where we prove ourselves Information Management Partner in your continuous improvement process.