Management control system

Gateway ERP uses very systematic control system to enhance the confidence of management in their business routine, delegation and decisions. It practices various ways of systems to support the management.
Decision support system : It is a communication oriented decision support system to ease the task of taking a right decision in time to various levels of management over and above accounting, costing, analysis and reporting. This is embedded in various places of operations. 

Approval system : Transactional forms can have preparation, verification and approval with user defined levels. Once a document is prepared and saved in the system, it will hit to the concerned person/s (user defined) executive decision folio. This authorized person can open the document and can verify, reject or modify the document. Then it will hit to the approval authority’s folio, where he/she can approve or reject. ¬†Printing and sending facility is restricted till it is approved.
Paperless office environment: Timely communication for verify and approve, audit log with time and date of action are enhance efficiency of processing system.
User control: Login, access to branches, access of products types, real time blocking of users, user can change their passwords are some of the user controls
Menu Access: Assigning of menu to its detailed form. Display is restricted to only the assigned menu to its user. Add, edit, delete, print & search options can be restricted to users. Total control on print / preview forms (export, email etc )
Standardization: Each form is numbered as per ISO standard. Standard operating procedure of the organization can be set up within the application. Gateway ERP is enhanced to adopt standard operating procedure of the organisation in the system.
Audit: Audit trails in related to transactions of accounts, inventory. Relational audit summary of inventory movement and agreement with it various reports. Summary of cost allocation and its authenticity reports. Audit log having details of user logs and its transactional trial.
Consistency: Uniformity though out the application in look, feel, display system, tool tips, action identity. User friendly sequence for data input .
Operating feature: Forms will be loaded from default, favorites and most visited list (automatically captured) apart from the menu. Ten forms can be loaded at a time, movement of opened forms are possible without closing. Listing also available for opened forms
Reporting: Extensive reporting in each level of operations. User level, management, decision level, comparison and dash boards are the various reporting. Real time management reviews will enhance decision making and information system intact
Access: Can access from anywhere as per the hardware set up in a multi user environment in a controlled manner.