Rental and leasing Management

GATEWAY ERP -Fleet for car rental industry is a full fledged rental, leasing and limousine management system for car, equipment rental industry covers induction, operation and sale or disposal.
It is a purely vertical integrated ERP platform in order to have a complete control on your operations of moving asset, finance and fixed asset management . You are getting a standard operating procedure from us through Gateway ERP.
Opertaions is divided into three major functions like procurement and induction of vehicles, rental, leasing and limousine operations, maintenance tracking, salik(auto toll system) and traffic fine management and sale/disposal of vehicle. It elaborates as


  • Procurement Procedure : Purchase of vehicles with ¬†purchase order processing, documentation on purchases and its registration with authority has been tracked in a systematic way, and a detailed induction of vehicle in the system.

  • Financing : Finance facility tracking and control through decision support system (optional)

Induction: Vehicle has been inducted in the system with all details like, registration, insurance, expiry dates, vehicle brand, model, color, year of manufacture, grouping, kilometer status, accessories etc.

Expiry tracking: Insurance, registration, warranty etc can be tracked its expiry

Release to lease: Inducted vehicle after the inspection it can be released for leasing in order to see in the availability list.

Rental: Rental agreement issued from the system, with all possible controls, check in and check out, kilometer usage, alerts of insurance, registration expiry,driver details and its expiry, client details, delivery, collection, payments, security,advance etc…..
Rental can be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly fully connected with tariff management.
Enquiry, quotation and booking including its full tracking.

Leasing: Lease contracts are operated for long term. Various business rules can be set it in the system like contract premature, replacement methods etc…..
Limousine: This service is fully operable from the system, processes like booking, assignment of driver and vehicle, job closing, invoicing with various option. Spot services also tackled. Full visibility of limousine and transfer operation supported by tariff management……..
Tariff Management: Covers Daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly rates, CDW, PAI, extra kilometre, accessories,fuel,delivery and collection charges etc….. Having various types of calculation matrix can be configured as per the business rules stipulated
Non Revenue Movement: NRM through the system will enhance the accountability internal users ….
Replacement: Replacement of vehicle having business rule set up for types replacements like upgrade, changes of vehicle group
Accident and maintenance: Facility enter in direct form, also in rental agreement, lease agreement, movement, replacement etc.. Full track of maintenance,repair and accidents… linked with accounting
Delivery and collection: Delivery and collection tracking, movement splitting internally, charges if any as per business rules is automated…
Driver tracking: Options of tracking driver detail, more than one driver option with payment as per rules, qualify check like age, licence maturity etc….
Invoicing: Auto invoicing facility will give a big relief of tracking and invoicing individually. Advance, on completion and monthly invoicing as per the rules. Salik (Toll), Traffic fines invoicing separately or together ……….
Traffic fine and Salik(Toll) management: Full visibility of traffic fines and salik after loading to GATEWAY ERP. Auto allocation, invoicing and collection and payment tracking…….
Sale of vehicle : Procedure is in built like buyer analysis, invoicing with disposal of asset accounting automized….
Reports, gadgets and reviews: Various reporting on operation, finance, daily transaction check, status etc…….
Gadget will give you tracking of collection in a proper manner …..


GATEWAY ERP proved to be an Information Management Partner in your continuous improvement process, as it recognizes and implement industry specific requirements.