Workshop Management

Gateway ERP modulated a full functional workshop model integrated with finance and supply chain management to have Standard Operating Procedure to run. This SoP will give control over operations, collections, timely delivery, and so on…….

Functions are

  • Gate in pass to know the entry of vehicle
  • Inspection by technical team
  • Estimation for parts, labor, consumables and overhead expenses
  • Quotation for client
  • Approval of quote
  • Job Card : Upon approval job card has been prepared by system

Procurement: Parts purchase will done from the job card and once it is purchased through purchase voucher, it is visible to engineering to start job. Full procurement procedure can be implemented here
Job completion in each department. Workshop can be divided as per their work center approach and each division will be visible
Invoicing will be done on the status of completion of stipulated work as per job order
Once invoice and receipt is confirmed Gate out pass will be generated from the system
Control: Total control over efficiency, timely delivery, utilization of deployed employees, procurement, collection following, daily tracking of activities, work in progress, etc…
Communication aid like SMS and emails can be configured to have a better customer relation…..


GATEWAY ERP proved to be an Information Management Partner in your continuous improvement process, as it recognizes and implement industry specific requirements.