Manufacturing process

Gateway ERP is having the capability of handling batch processing as well as line processing for various types of industries.
Batch processing is integrated in GATEWAY erp and caters to perfume, cosmetic, chemical, lubricants, juice or water bottling industries.
Bill of materials, method of manufacturing, technical data, safety measures, process management, cost absorption techniques are standardized. Batch creation, material request issue and return facility and work in process accounting management, process management, in process quality assurance, filling and release the products from the floor to store ensures control on cost and quality.

Real time batch flow, batch cost, manufacturing follow up reviews emphasis total control over functions.

Good laboratory practices record sample details, testing on regular intervals to know the products behavior in terms of quality during the shelf life .
Flexible manufacturing system is constructed to cater industries like Cans and Containers, Doors manufacturers, Furniture, Fabrication,Glass and cladding, Pipes, Fiber glass moulding, wood works etc.. This system suitable for project industry, who does manufacturing or fabricating and installing.
Sales order processing system Enquiry, Estimation, quotation, Sales order, production request, delivery and invoicing etc…..
Manufacturing process control Production planning as per sales order or production request, work order processing, material issue, WIP management, release to store, is the general flow. It is well structured to accommodate any kind of process flow to create a control environment.
Real time reviews updates status of sales orders to track and improve execution standards of the organization. Inventory check is available at any level of process to have an uninterrupted production. Material requirement reports will enhance the decision support in real time.

GATEWAY ERP proved to be an Information Management Partner in your continuous improvement process, as it recognizes and implement industry specific requirements.