Asset Management

GATEWAY ERP aligned Asset Management module, in order achieve full control over movement, accounting, and tracking of assets at any point of time.

Fixed asset management is a process of accounting and eases toTrack conditions, location, status of assetsKeep Preventive maintenance measures and its cost Calculate book value at any timeDepreciate periodically to ascertain cost absorption of employed assetsSell or dispose through a procedure in order to controlTrack movement of fixed assetMeasure utilization of employed assets.
Functional procedure highlighted as
Induction : Purchase of fixed assets with Purchase orders, register to register full details of an asset with asset id. Various groups in order to indentify behavior of asset. Declaration of asset life, account number linking with finance and machine ID for manufacturing planning
Transaction: Asset can be allocated to any branch, person or project, which will give easiness to locate an asset. In the event of staff movement, assets attached to the person will notify
Depreciation : Automatically calculates depreciation for the period and can be posted as per utilization of asset in branches, projects etcFleet management : Fleet separately managed for car rental business even though it is an asset to the organization
Maintenance : Preventive and break down maintenance facility with full scale work order process.
Sales : Sale. Disposal or scrapping of fixed assets and its accounting
Revaluation : Fixed assets revaluation and its accounting
Reports and reviews : Net book value statement, reports for decision to dispose, schedules for audit purpose, Asset register, Asset audit facility etc………….