Human resource management

GATEWAY ERP is embedded with Human Resource Management functional flow to make sure continuous improvement through performance evaluation.

Employee information system: Personal details, leave management, personal documents, qualification, trainings, seminars attended etc aligned in employee details master. Management real time review with all details including loan, facilities and assets holding by the employee

Time management: Various ways of registering attendance through the system. Bio metric readers are directly connected to HR module. Allowance integration as per project on employed manpower.

Payroll system: Auto preparations of payroll and pay slips and its monthly posting to accounts module. End of service benefits can be calculated on one click. Monthly posting of end of service benefits also integrated. WPS enabled in the payroll process.

Approvals: requests, approval and disbursements of loan, advances and leave in a paper less environment.
Evaluation support: 360 degree evaluations support can be practiced for a continuous improvement. Quality improvement notice, corrective action report and quality improvement penalty will create a new work culture for total quality improvement.
Document expiry: Document expiry management will take care all employee documents as well as company documents.
Documents:Documents related to administration, employee, vehicles, machinery, leasing, licenses, warranties, legal liabilities etc can be controlled.
Transaction: Movement, possession , expiry, renewal, terms applied , history tracking through approvals
Renewal: Total process of renewal of any expired documents can be keyed in and can be assigned as a preplanning.
Accounting Fully integrated with finance and accounting. while creating an employee, it tags to chart of accounts. Monthly posting of payroll, terminal benefits etc…. Expenditure analysis per employee and cost to the company analysis etc…..
Reviews and reports: Reviews and reports gives full visibility on employee disciplinary and control areas supported with costing in real time.