Supply Chain Management

Vendor developmentProcurementQuality assuranceDistribution Export, consignment,whole sales and retail salesCentralized PricingInventory Management

Gateway erp is well integrated with full fledged Supply Chain Management functions involves
Procurement procedure: Purchase request, enquiry, quote, vendor development and analysis, Tracking of Purchase orders. Non inventory purchase orders or service orders ensures all purchases are well documented. Gateway erp is well netted all functional elements of procurement procedure embedded with real time approval system

Product complexity: Complexities related to products has been taken care in GATEWAY ERP, such as multiple unit of measurement, categorization, brands, product identification through specification, quality assurance measures, alternatives and substitutes, bar codes, product codes, detailed descriptions, product data sheets, replacement of part number etc….
Inventory: Facilitates receiving goods through PO reference or direct and its verification or acceptance procedure and approval for payment. Real time Detailed stock enquiry with all relevant details of movement of stock, valuation, distribution controls, order level maintenance are some of the feature of inventory control.
Sales order procedure: Flow Starts from enquiry, quote, sales order, delivery schedule, purchase or production request, and ends up in delivery, invoicing and collection. Each sections are well integrated in GATEWAY erp with an option of real time approval.

Retail sales management: Involves centralized price management with promotional, bundling facilities, POS functions and capability of having multi unit of measurement and multi currency.

Reports, reviews and gadgets eases to take right decision at right time.

GATEWAY ERP proved to be an Information Management Partner in your continuous improvement process, as it recognizes and implement industry specific requirements.